Society for People, Environment and Animal Kindness 

Our mission


speak! is about Society


The word 'society' means 'companionship' or 'the friendly association with others following a common interest'.


speak! is about People, Environment and Animals


As a society of like-minded people, we strive towards restoring the harmony between the elements that speak! stands for. Through the ages, the balance between the environment, people and animals has broken down. We believe that the one cannot exist optimally without the others, and that ultimately none of them can survive without 'kindness' to the others. Thus we promote the highest degree of 'kindness' among these three elements. We do this by raising awareness among as many people as possible, by means of word of mouth, the media, social media, street theatre, and education. Money speaks in this day and age, but conglomerates are made up of people, and it is only through changing individuals' mind-sets that those of the big corporations will be changed. So, no action is too small, and everyone who cares, should speak out to promote a return to kindness. But how do we see this 'kindness'?

speak! is about Kindness


The 'k' stands for 'kindness', which represents what we’re about. Although 'kindness' implies a natural affection and friendship, it actually means more than that. It also indicates kinship, underlining the notion that everything is related: people, animals and the environment. What happens to one group affects all the others. When we harm one of the components in speak!, we harm all. We can only do good for one if all are benefited by our deeds. We cannot speak out or act for one group unless we further the wellbeing of all aspects of speak!. In their original meanings, both kin and kindness connote the natural order. Our aim is to return to this order of compassion and fellow-feeling to make ours a better world for all.


A note about our name


Our name incorporates the designations 'people' and 'animals', and we use these terms because they are generally understood and functional. We are however aware that these terms not only deny the particularity and difference of the (individual) Other, but connote a problematic disengagement that can perpetuate a human-animal hierarchy. The term 'animal' strictly speaking refers to all beings belonging to the kingdom Animalia and thus includes human beings. We ultimately advocate the disimprisonment of all animals from captivity and exploitation and the inclusion of all animals in the sphere of ethical concern.


speak! strives to benefit non-human animals by restoring the harmony between them on the one hand and people and the environment on the other.


Both kin and kindness connote the natural order. Our aim is to return to this order of compassion and fellow-feeling to make ours a better world for all.


speak! strives to benefit people by restoring the harmony between people on the one hand and the environment and non-human animals on the other.


speak! strives to benefit the environment by restoring the harmony between it and all animals (including people).

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